Andre Lhote


Born in 1885 in Bordeaux, France, Andre´ Lhote entered the studio of a furniture maker at age 12 to be trained as a wood sculpture. He studied decorative sculpture at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux from 1898 to 1904. Inspired by the landscapes of Cezanne and the colors of Fauvism, he redirected his energies to painting around 1905 and moved to Paris shortly thereafter. In 1907, he participated in the important group exhibitions, Le Salon de Inde´pendants and Le Salon d'Automne. He first one-man exhibition at the Galerie Druet, Paris in 1910. After exhibiting at Salle 41 in 1911, he became connected with the Parisian Cubist group. Thereafter Lhote painted in a personal Cubist style. In 1912, he participated in the renowned Section d'Or exhibit in Paris that featured works by some of the fathers of modern art - Gleizes, Villon, Duchamp, Metzinger, Picabia, La Fresnaye, and others. In 1922, Lhote established his own Art Academy on Odessa Street in Paris, where he encouraged and helped develop the talents of several generations of young artists. Lhote was an art critic at the Nouvelle Revue Francaise for over twenty years. He also wrote several books analyzing the aims and techniques of art, in addition to important treatises on landscape painting and figure painting.

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