Andrew Taylor


Andrew Taylor received his BFA from the Victorian College of the Arts in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia in 1987. Taylor's art career is marked by international recognition and wide critical acclaim. Featured in many solo and group exhibitions alike, the artist has been specifically lauded as a notable presence in contemporary Australian art.

Taylor's paintings challenge what has come to be considered the norm in still-lifes. Addressing natural themes in a more ''elastic'' manner, the artist's pieces often resemble layered floral motifs rather than true-to-life representations of fabricated scenes. Many of Talyor's paintings call to mind Chinese or Japanese scrolls, with simplified leaves and flowers prominently displayed against bold color gradients, sometimes to the effect of being shrouded in mist.

Yet other pieces showcase a bold, two-dimensional color palette as Taylor layers flora of different colors to imply depth and perspective and essentially give the viewer the illusion of peering through the plants. With this, Taylor describes a unifying theme in his pieces as an allusion to ''the things we look through when we think we should be looking somewhere else.'' Overall, Taylor's paintings comment on the elusive nature of the environment around us.

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