Ann Wyeth McCoy


Ann Wyeth McCoy was the fourth child of N.C. Wyeth, who instilled a sense of creative exploration in her at a young age. She later married the artist John McCoy, and together they enjoyed an idyllic lifestyle filled with music and the visual arts. She composed her first symphony at the age of 18, which was performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra only a year later.

Though Ann primarily dedicated herself to her music, she was also an accomplished watercolorist who painted for personal enjoyment. Her paintings often depict the land, buildings, and interiors surrounding her homes in Pennsylvania and Maine. As a fellow artist in Maine once remarked about her work, “Through Ann McCoy’s vision we become aware of small, quiet, and sometimes mysterious wonders, and life is made much more interesting.” Though the scale of Ann’s works is small and intimate, they capture deeply felt emotions and memories that reveal the natural beauty of her subject matter. 

February - May 2017
Heather James Fine Art - Palm Desert
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