Cara Judea Alhadeff


Cara Judea Alhadeff layers intimacy, vulnerability, and personal history in her rich and sumptuous photographs. She creates a dialogue between her subjects, and the objects that surround them, by juxtaposing the human figure with organic and synthetic materials. Her works blur the distinction between psychological, physical, and architectural spaces that makes the viewer feel uncomfortable. This unease positions the viewer on the precipice of attraction/repulsion and forces one to question their assumptions. Alhadeff explains her work as a ''process of multi-layered storytelling where ambiguity is not a lack of clarity, but a multiplicity of clarities.''

The Offspring Project focuses on a particular type of storytelling. The images display the children of artists along with their parent's artwork. Alhadeff conceived the idea for this project during a meditation retreat when she ''experienced a moment of tremendous gratitude for having parents who are artists.'' (Her mother is a painter/installation artist and her father is an art historian). These intimate portraits convey the carefree, whimsy of childhood, within the specific realm of growing up in and around artists' studios. The photographs beg the question of how this formative environment will affect these children in their future pursuits. For Alhadeff, having artists for parents clearly pointed her towards an artistic career, which is something that she celebrates in this series.

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