Carlo D'Alessio


Born in the Bronx in 1954, D'Alessio's artistic journey began at an early age when he was accepted into the High School of Music and Art in New York City (the movie ''Fame'' school). He went on to graduate from Fordham University (1975), studied at New York's School of Visual Arts (1976), and attended the renowned Art Students' League (1977).  D'Alessio's professional art career began in Manhattan as art production manager for Bloomingdales.  His last years in New York City were devoted to a collaboration with artist Stanley Landsman who recalled his experience with D'Alessio:  ''I've never seen such an abundance of talent infused into someone as young as Carlo; his command of technique is extraordinary.''
D'Alessio paints with a distinctive method that produces a stunning visual impact. By layering acrylic paint with varnish, he creates a brilliant three-dimensional effect that mimics changes in natural light.  Over the course of his 35-year career as a visual artist, D'Alessio has perfected his understanding of perspective and shadow, further enhancing the illusion of his paintings. 

With a characteristic style and a broad range of subjects, D'Alessio's meticulous paintings are hyperrealistic and often mistaken for some form of photographic process; however, they possess a vitality that cannot be achieved by mechanical means.  His frequent use of juxtaposition and contrast is surrealistic.  Due to the detailed nature of his creative process, D'Alessio paints only a few paintings every year.


''I consider myself an observer, a visitor here on this magnificent planet. As my paintings are primarily representational, I study my subject matter with an almost scientific eye, trying to understand what I am actually seeing, how color and light dance and play.  Yet my ultimate goal is to create a visceral reaction to my work rather than a cerebral one.  My restless curiosity demands a wide range of subject.  When I truly realize a painting, it reflects the glorious gift of life, and its essence becomes a part of who I am.''  —Carlo D'Alessio

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