Chris Woods


Chris Woods is a Canadian born artist who paints almost photographical images that critique contemporary consumerism. Using his friends as models, Woods explores the effects that pop-culture, branding, and advertising has on the individual psyche. The images he creates are satirical, yet sincere. Some paintings may incite laughter, such as his series McTopia, a play on the omnipresent advertising of McDonalds, while others provoke serious thought. Billboard, from the series The Magic Hour, is one such piece.

he rear-view-mirror shaped canvases are meant to resemble a double sided highway billboard. These pieces are the first in a series of works dealing with car culture and auto advertising, which, as Chris Woods has commented, ''shapes our mental picture of the world. Billboard deals with the car-commercial fantasy of the pristine and picturesque wilderness at odds with the reality of the car's actual place in the crowded city and on the gridlocked highway.'' ''The two paintings in Billboard contain the same image seen from opposite viewpoints. Panel one depicts a couple seated in a mini-van seen through the front windshield.

Together they gaze into a crystal ball containing a car ignition key. Behind them is panoramic view of a city skyline and a street with many cars and pedestrians. Panel two shows the same couple seated in the same mini-van. This time they are seen from the back seat. They gaze into the same crystal ball with the same key but this time their outside environment has changed from a city scene to that of a twilight desert-scape like the type often seen in the average car commercial.'' - Artist's statement

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