Christian Rosa


Christian Rosa (b.1982, Rio de Janeiro) is an artist who works across media but whose main focus is on collage and painting. Rosa is part of a young generation of artists whose work continues to stretch the boundaries of abstract art. Rosa actively engages in a reductivist approach to painting by limiting his gestures to individual physical actions that intertwine with each other across the canvas. The artist perceives his work as discovery process in which in which he learns by deconstructing the surface of the painting. His works deal with mistakes that are displaced, re-appropriated and reconfigured in order to explore the archeology of painting and the notion of failure as a guiding conceptual model.

While viewers may see a similarity to artists like Cy Twombly, or Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rosa’s aesthetic is entirely his own. His works are pared down and minimal but often contain identifiable figurative elements. They exist between an anthropomorphic style of lyrical abstraction -elements of faces, animals, and movement appear and re-appear being reduced to, and consisting of, only a few brushstrokes - and an extended meditative calligraphic scrawling.

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