Craig Norton


Artist Statement:
God has blessed me with natural drawing ability; I've been drawing since I could pick up a pen. I never received any formal training, but rather through years of hard work and practice I have developed my technique. ln 1999, at the age of 27, I left my three jobs — as a therapist to kids and adults with autism, as a nightclub bouncer, and a figure model — to pursue the creation of my art full-time.

Today, my style consists of mixed media. First, I use a BIC pen to draw faces using a stippling technique. Over many tedious hours I lay down the hundreds of thousands of dots to give the faces realism and depth. Then, I use wallpaper to build the clothes of the figure. Most recently, my pieces have consisted of large-scale vignettes involving dozens of figures per scene.

Social issues are incredibly important to me, and my work will always have some relation to an issue that I am currently burdened with. In the past this has included racism and genocide, and my current and future work will deal with gun violence and soldiers' mental states upon returning from war.

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