Gustavo López Armentia


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Gustavo López Armentía is a painter, sculptor and installation artist. He started painting at the age of five and is a self-taught master.

Armentía's abstractions are an ongoing investigation of everyday life. He is constantly exploring new ways to apply matter and color in an attempt to awaken the curiosity of the viewer. 

He is a citizen of the world and, at the same time, his creation is based on his land that leaves an unavoidable mark on his paintings and sculptures. His work makes reference to a place to which he feels united, and to which he belongs. The tight relation between Armentía and his culture and origin lets him ignore prevailing aesthetics and move to look for his own expression. He critiques life's modern barbarism, digs into irrationality, madness and contingencies, dives into evil and conveys his inquiries and intuition of impurity, degradation, and imperfection.

His work can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, the Museum of Modern Art in Skopje, the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Buenos Aires; as well as in various museums and collections in Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil and Yugoslavia.

Artist's Statement: ''[My artwork] has, at first, an abstract look which produces a strong visual vertigo. Everything spins, everything moves, nothing is in its place. Color and matter make a landscape of the human condition-- it is ambivalent, imprecise, and above all complex. I am a very curious person; I am interested in several artistic disciplines. I could say, that since I started, I have been changing, evolving, growing and expanding my vision of art. I am getting closer to art contemporaneous with my time, in that I include the new languages and elements that interested me, in cultural art including objects, paintings, computation, video and installations. I am very interested in the situation of the human beings in the world, but not only the present. Thru my work, I keep reminding the viewer of everything that has happened in the past. This includes the cultural movements that have existed. I believe that in any period, art is the consequence of the accumulation of information from different cultures. That is a real passion for me. In my work I always explore different disciplines of cultural art. Everything appears like a language that accumulates in me and thru my art I can transmit these sensations that I feel to others. Basically, I like to put together what I have in my inner memory. In other words, a person should perceive things that are fundamentals. That art has meaning, and that its explanation is what offers us the most elemental of things that everybody needs, 'Authentic communication'. This is the language I want to incorporate in my work.''

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