Henriette Wyeth


As N.C. Wyeth’s eldest child, Henriette Wyeth grew up under his tutelage and began her artistic studies with him at the age of eleven. Although her right hand was crippled from a bout of polio, she became an accomplished portraitist by finding a way to hold a brush despite her disability. In 1935, Henriette’s paintings were exhibited in a Philadelphia-based show entitled The Wyeth Family. A review of the show hailed Henriette as “one of the most brilliant of the younger generation of American artists.” 

Against her father’s wishes, Henriette moved to New Mexico with her husband, the artist Peter Hurd, in 1939. Her exposure to the dry and arid landscape of the Southwest naturally formed a strong contrast to the rural areas of Pennsylvania and Maine where she grew up. Though Henriette was the only Wyeth to permanently leave the East Coast, her career flourished in New Mexico with celebrities and art collectors often visiting her home. In 1978, Henriette received the distinction of painting the official White House portrait of First Lady Pat Nixon. Her work can be found throughout museums in the South West. 

February - May 2017
Heather James Fine Art - Palm Desert
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