John McCoy


John McCoy became introduced to the Wyeth family in 1933, when he was courting N.C. Wyeth’s youngest daughter, Ann, who he would later marry. Though he received some formal artistic training in Paris, N.C. Wyeth decided to bring John into his studio to study alongside his son Andrew, and thus create a friendly sense of artistic competition between them.


In his early years, McCoy became familiar with painting in oil, tempera, and watercolor, though he would later explore the unique possibilities that came with taking a mixed media approach that reflected his interest in the work of Abstract Expressionist artists.

Like many of his relatives, McCoy often chose to depict the contrasting landscapes of rural Pennsylvania and coastal Maine. McCoy’s work captures the serenity of the world around him while never sacrificing the artistic spontaneity he is best known for.

February - May 2017
Heather James Fine Art - Palm Desert
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