Julio Susana


Born July 27, 1937, in La Vega Real, Dominican Republic, Susana's talents were visible at an early age. While attending the Academia de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine Arts) in Santo Domingo, he won two awards in painting and sculpture. His artistic works would continue getting him noticed, earning him a scholarship to Spain's renowned Instituto de Cultura Hispa´nica de Madrid (Institute of Hispanic Culture of Madrid). Upon graduation, he hosted an exhibition of his work, which critics praised.

Susana's first professional exhibition was held at Instituto Benefactor (Charitable Institute) in 1959. That same year, he hosted his second exhibition at Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano (Dominican-American Cultural Institute). Four years later, he was awarded as the painter of the year at the 11th Biennial Exhibition held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and was commissioned to exhibit his work at the Puerto Rico Bar Association. In 1963, Susana took his talents to the classroom, becoming an art professor at Academia de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine Arts) in San Francisco de Macoris. In 1965, the government named him director of the School of Fine Arts at Academia de Bellas Artes (Academy of Fine Arts) in La Vega Real.

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