Krisjanis Katkins-Gorsline


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, Kaktins-Gorsline received his BFA from the University of Manitoba, with a double major in painting and video, and is currently working towards his MFA at Columbia University. He has been featured in solo and group exhibitions as well as numerous international art fairs. The artist's work stems from a variety of media and disciplines, including paintings that synthesize the grotesque and the beautiful to create truly evocative imagery.

Kaktins-Gorsline describes his work as an attempt to ''short circuit traditional appeal towards transcendence and create images that anticipate their own annihilation.'' The artist often uses oil paints on wooden panels to present his process of ''ingestion, gestation and expulsion of imagery,'' and bring together somewhat disparate information. Kaktins-Gorsline's paintings seek to create ''an ambivalent space in which the personal meets spectacle,'' rather than ''a space of escapism.'' Often borrowing from his native Manitoban landscape, the artist delivers figurative paintings that are direct extensions of his process of ''intuitive exploration.''

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