Lawrence Lee


Born in Texas in 1978, Lawrence Lee has been drawing since the age of two. After studying painting at the Texas A&M School of Commerce, he received his BFA in 2002 and will begin working towards his masters this Fall. At his most recent show at the Barry Whistler Gallery in Dallas, nearly all of Lee's pieces sold in only one day.

Lee sees his creative artistry as an expression of inner thoughts, personal yearnings, and the pains and joys present in everyday life. He presents his work in a conceptual manner, relying heavily on vivid visual imagery. His world of talking creatures and plants, characterized by their representation of the strangeness and randomness of life, allows Lee and the viewer to search for an ultimate ''purpose.'' Details remain a focal point for Lee as he tends to dig deep into the drawing concentrating on an objects inner essence, believing that there is so much to be seen in even the smallest parts of a 'thing.' His ability to pull from personal experience reflects an uncanny creativity within his body of work.

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