Robert Walker


The visual effect of Robert Walker's work is both subtle and hypnotic. Approaching painting as a sculptor, Walker's new work combines the usage of intricate bas-relief surfaces produced from multi-layers of segmented paint that are fused together, producing multi-colored images and topographical surface areas. Walker has long been a student of Buddhism and his abstract compositions are variations of traditional images used in Buddhist illustration. Robert Walker was born in Los Angeles where he lives and works today. He received his MFA from the University of California, Irvine and has shown extensively in the United States, Asia, and South East Asia.

Education MFA, University of California, Irvine

Selected solo exhibitions 2014  Heather James Fine Arts, Palm Desert, Calif. 2013  Gallery Gen, Tokyo, Japan 2012  Heather James Fine Art, Jackson, Wy. 2011   Heather James Fine Arts, Palm Desert, Calif. 2007 Appropriate Technologies, Gallery Gen, Tokyo Appropriate Technologies, SolwayJones, Los Angeles (catalogue) 2005 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 2004 Gallery Gen, Tokyo, Japan 2001 Double Vision Gallery, Los Angeles 1996 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 1994 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 1991 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 1990 Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 1987 Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles 1984 Kirk deGooyer Gallery, Los Angeles 1983 Kirk deGooyer Gallery, Los Angeles Riverside Museum, Riverside, CA 1982 Tom Luttrell Gallery, San Francisco 1981 Kirk deGooyer Gallery, Los Angeles Quint Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Selected group exhibitions 2013  'Franklyn Liegel Memorial Exhibition', group show, LAArtcore, L.A. 'Reclaim, Revival from a Disaster', group show, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo, Japan 2012  'Mind Games' Andrew Shire The Big Picture, group show, Palm Springs Art Fair Group Show, Korea International Art Fair, Andrew Shire Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2011  Toyoko Katsumata, Mathew Thomas & Robert Walker,  L.A. Artcore Best Kept Secrets, Laguna Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, Calif. Groups, Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago

2010 Obsession, Heather James, Palm Springs           Mind Games ,Andrew Shire Gallery, Los Angeles Overtones II, Kanagawa Prefectural Museum, Yokahama, Japan

2009 Cool! Cool! Cool!, Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago LAArtcore artists, Jones Art Gallery, Bakersfield  College. Musashino International Exchange Exhibition, Musashino University, Tokyo nternational Exchange Exhibition, College of the Canyons & Musashino University, LAArtcore, Los Angeles.

2008 International Contemporary Art Exhibition for His Majesty the King, 2008, Sangkhla, Thailand International Art Exchange, Thailand-U.S.A., Thailand Culture Center, Bangkok, Thailand International Art Exchange, Thailand-U.S.A.,  Eastern Center f Art and Culture, Burapha University, Chonburi, Thailand International Art Exchange, Thailand-U.S.A.,''  LAArtcore, Los Angeles Eye Candy, Cypress Community College Art Gallery

2007 Group Show, Gallery Kingya, Tokyo, Japan Themes and Variations – New Abstraction in Los Angeles, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA Cross current – The 1st International Exchange Exhibition: US-Japan Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan Cross current – The 1st International Exchange Exhibition: US-Japan L. A. Artcore, Los Angeles Modernism Today. Los Angeles International Airport, Tom Bradley Building. Grand Gestures: the Gordon Hampton Collection, University Art Museum, Calif. State Univ., Long Beach Relationships, Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 2006 Interspace, SolwayJones, Los Angeles Good to Go, Newspace Gallery, Los Angeles Scapes, Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago 2005 Group Show, Srinakharinvirot University, Bangkok, Thailand Group Show, Eastern Center of Art & Culture, Burapha Univ., Conburi, Thailand Eye Tattoos, Quint Contemporary Art, San Diego 2004 International Art Exhibit: Thailand-U.S.A., Bangkok, Thailand International Art Exhibit: Thailand-U.S.A., Buraphar University, Thailand Artcard, Sharjah Art Museum, United Arab Emirates The Red Pen, Santa Ana College at the Santora Building, Santa Ana, CA Holiday Group Show, Ruth Bachofner, Los Angeles Painting the Town Red, Jean Albano, Chicago Simmer, Summer, Shimmer, Domestic Setting, Los Angeles 2003 Crosscurrents International Exchange Exhibition, L.A. Artcore, Los Angeles Robert Walker and Gary Szymanski, TransAmerica Bldg., Los Angeles Zone, Cerro Coso Community College, Ridgecrest, CA Robert Walker, Coleen Sterritt, & Kristan Marvel, LA Artcore, Los Angeles Over Tone, Kanagawa Prefectral Gallery, Yokahama, Japan 2001 Crosscurrents International Exchange Exhibition, Fukuoka Museum, Kyushu, Japan Secret Formula, Santa Ana College, Santa Ana, CA Lessons, College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA 1999 Group Show, Fresh Paint, Los Angeles 1998 The Bean Show, Dirt, Hollywood, CA 1997 Two of a Kind, Jean Albano Gallery, Chicago Against the Wall, College of the Canyons Art Gallery, Santa Clarita, CA 1995 Abstraction - Toward the New Millennium, Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles 1992 Group Show, Marx Gallery, Chicago 1991 Retrospective, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Rental Gallery 1988 Group Show, Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles 1987 From the Back Room, Saxon-Lee Gallery, Los Angeles 1986 A Southern California Collection, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles New Acquisitions, Gallery at the Plaza, Security Pacific National Bank, Los Angeles A Collector's Eye – Paintings from the Collection of Gordon Hampton, Gallery at the Plaza, Security Pacific National Bank, Los Angeles California Contemporary, inaugural exhibition, Laguna Art Museum 1985 The Designer as Diner, Mark Krasner Showroom, Los Angeles 1984 The Cotton Exchange Show, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles 1981 California Artists, Tower Gallery, South Hampton, New York Painted Wall Constructions, Security Pacific Plaza, Los Angeles Nine on the Wall, California State University, Fullerton Robert Walker, N'ima Leveton, Gena Cooper, Kirk deGooyer Gallery, Los Angeles 1978 Patterns, Structures, Grids, California State University, San Bernardino Group Retrospective, Los Angeles, County Museum of Art, Art Rental Gallery 1977 Plastic Perspective, Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation (catalog) Marisa Alexander, Tom Holste, Robert Walker, El Camino College Art Gallery, Torrance, CA Big Summer Show, Newspace, Los Angeles 1976 Big Prints and Little Paintings,'' Tortue Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 1975 The Irvine Milieu, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla, CA The First Decade, Fine Arts Gallery, University of California, Irvine, CA

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