Suzanne Unrein


With an oeuvre greatly inspired by Baroque sensibilities, Unrein's paintings are infused with dramatic characters and energy derived from nature. Unrein transposes the emotional intensity and motion of "epic battle" scenes into wild landscapes that incorporate a brilliant palette. Inspired by a feeding frenzy of seagulls on Coney Island, the artist witnessed the intense transformation of a crisp and breezy landscape into a cacophonous mania of swooping and screeching creatures. As suggested by the title Interlopers, which signifies meddling with a situation or intruding on a place, the birds convert a moment of serenity into tumultuous activity. With bold pigments and grand brushstrokes, Unrein likewise captures that instantaneous moment between abstraction and representation, when the jubilant excitement of the whirling creatures fragments the landscape and obscures vision.

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