Thomas Bangsted


Thomas Bangsted was born in Denmark in 1976. He attended the Glasgow School of Art, Goldsmiths College, and received his Masters of Fine Art from Yale University in 2007. Bangsted's photographs render a world governed by ecological unstableness and technological fallibility. The artist states: '' the predominant subject is the landscape and its aquatic counterpart, as it is located at the crossroads between nature and society. Through maritime seascapes, still lives and scenes of contemporary agricultural environments, the images construct a theatre that we perceive as nature. The epic and timeless dimension of the seascape is presented side by side with the downtrodden and time-worn reality of the contemporary agricultural environment.''

''It is an exploration of photography's ability to render nature as a backdrop against which humanity can be weighed and scrutinized. Anthropocentric and romantic notions of progress are challenged, while presenting a dreamt up world of both beauty and magic about to crack wide open. The end results are pictorial propositions with a finely measured equilibrium between allegorical storytelling and blunt description.''

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