William Wendt


William Wendt was born in Bentzen, Germany, and immigrated to Chicago in 1880.  Although he took classes for a short time at the Art Institute of Chicago, Wendt was a largely self-taught painter with a religious reverence for nature; he saw himself as nature’s faithful interpreter. Wendt co-founded the California Art Club in 1911, and within a year he was elected to the National Academy of Design and built his home and studio in Laguna Beach.

Often referred to as the “Dean of Southern California artists,” he became known for his ability to scout locations for ideal, naturally occurring compositions.  His earlier, Edenic landscapes exude the hallmark lightness of traditional Impressionism, but he became known for his bolder, block-style, pastoral compositions with distinctively muted colors.

March - July 2017
Heather James Fine Art - Palm Desert
July - September 2015
Heather James Fine Art - Jackson, WY
November 29, 2014 - May 30, 2015
Heather James Fine Art - Palm Desert
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