15 Questions – April 2016


Welcome to 15 Questions, a monthly segment in which Heather James employees share a little bit about themselves and their love of art. This month features our marketing associate Hayden.


1. What’s your name?
Hayden Hunt


2. What do you do at the gallery?
I focus on finding artwork for us to display at the gallery and as part of our exhibition.


3. Who is you favorite Artist? 
Alexander Calder.


4. Why?
He has such a diverse body of work and array of styles that there are always new and exciting works to discover and learn about.


5. What is your favorite Piece of Art?
Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.


6. Why?
This painting illustrates a monumental shift in representational art and it allowed me to see the world in a new and exciting way.


7. What is you Favorite artist or piece in the gallery?
A Calder gouache from 1945 that depicts a man and a woman in front of a bright red sun.


8. If you could afford any piece for your home what would you buy?
A Victor Rodriguez photorealistic painting


9. Why and where would you put it?
He is one of my favorite living artists and he does large-scale photorealistic paintings. I would love to hang one of his works in my living room.

10. If you could meet any artist dead or alive who would it be?
Paul Gauguin


11. What is your favorite city for art?
San Francisco


12. If you could have any artist create a portrait of you who would you pick?
Francis Bacon


13. What is your favorite movie about art?
Woman in Gold


14. What is your favorite subject of work of art?
Cats, of course.


15. What made you want to work in art, was there a particular moment?
I first became interested in art when studying art history in high school. I always loved history but had never been exposed to art, but something just clicked.