15 Questions – February 2016

Montana Beutler
Sales Manager
Montana Beutler
Sales Manager

Welcome to 15 Questions, a monthly segment in which Heather James employees share a little bit about themselves and their love of art. Get to know our incredible staff, starting with our wonderful Sales Manager, Montana.


1. What’s your name and what do you do?
Montana Beutler, I am the director of sales for the gallery


2. Who is your favorite artist?
Rene Magritte.


3. Why?
I have a feeling our brains work similarly…


4. What is your favorite Piece of Art and why?
Raft of the Medusa by Theodore Gericault. It historically showed how art could influence life and vice versa – making a monument to a harrowing historical event within French History empowered everyday people to revolt against ultra-royalism. It is an icon of romanticism, I like the grotesque beauty of the bodies and faces amid the sinking raft championed by a man with a flag.


5. What is your favorite artwork at Heather James Fine Art?
Our blue Anish Kapoor sculpture, it takes me to a different universe


6. What is your favorite museum in the U.S.?
The Brooklyn Museum- I love the Dinner Party!


7. Favorite international museum?
The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek-Denmark.


8. If you could afford any piece for your home what would you buy?
A giant Calder mobile.

9. Why and where would you put it?
Calder’s mobiles reminds me that art can be fun and inventive while calming, cerebral and other worldly. I would put it right above wherever I slept so I could contemplate the cosmos and the history of art before I went to bed every night.


10. If you could meet any artist dead or alive who would it be?
I would want to eat a cheeseburger with Andy Warhol, dance with Dali, and pick Cindy Sherman’s brain.


11. What is the best art account to follow on social media?
@HeatherJamesFineArt of course!


12. If you could have any artist create a portrait of you, who would you pick?
Jeff Koons (He’d make me sexy.)


13. Do you have any artistic talent?
None whatsoever. If I did I would want to be a ceramicist. It seems fun to play with clay and break stuff all the time.


14. What is your first art memory?
Going to the Met with my Grandmother.


15. What made you want to work in art, was there a particular moment?
My parents & Grandmother had a huge influence on my interest in fine arts, they would always make a point no matter where we were to involve local museums or galleries as part of travel. They also encouraged me to do whatever made me happy – a very important tenant when raising a kid in my opinion. This opened my mind up to the possibility of working in the arts (not always a steady profession) because I was passionate about it.