Learning and Development


Alyssa Friedman is the Director of Learning & Development and based in Jackson Hole. She joined Heather James Fine Art in 2011, and has previously worked as  Marketing Manager and Sales Associate for Heather James. 


As Director of Learning & Development, Alyssa is responsible for creating, implementing, and monitoring the onboarding process for all new employees and for providing the resources for the skill and knowledge development of existing employees.


While Marketing Manager, she implemented and oversaw several initiatives that resulted in a significantly increased client base, the optimization of inventory marketing, and a substantial increase in sales. In her time as Sales Associate, she placed original works by Marc Chagall, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Fernando Botero, Agnes Martin, and Roberto Matta, among others.


Alyssa received her BA in Classics from the University of Southern California and her MA in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a member of the Western Argolid Regional Project based in Argos, Greece, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole, WY, and volunteers for the Teton County Library, also in Jackson Hole.