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Heather James Art Advisory guides art enthusiasts and collectors on their unique journeys.

With an unwavering commitment to our clients, our premier consultancy provides white-glove services. Built on the expertise of Heather James’ nearly 30 years in business, our Art Advisory caters to a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that every step of your collecting experience is seamless and rewarding.

Focused on relationships and unparalleled service, Heather James Art Advisory is a partner and steward on your collecting journey.

Expert help
along the way.

Tom Venditti

Co-Chairman, Advisory

+1 (917) 940-8330

Tom is a seasoned consultant bringing his experience as an independent art advisor and former Senior Director of Art Collections for Paul Allen, whose collection set records when it sold at Christie’s in 2022.

Building and managing numerous collections, Tom has been instrumental in guiding prominent art collectors throughout their journeys. Prior to his time as a New York-based independent art advisor, Tom spent 14-years with Vulcan Inc. in Seattle, WA, where he played a pivotal role in advising on acquisitions and deaccessions for the Paul Allen Family art collection. Tom’s impact is evident through his established strategic planning and procedural standards for collections management across multiple properties. He has brought this expertise to Heather James’ clients since 2019.

Tom’s dedication shines through his advisory work for private collectors and his contribution to public art installations, exemplifying his commitment to the diverse facets of the art world. As Co-Chairman, Tom brings a wealth of experience, a commitment to service, and a unique blend of skills that resonates with clients seeking unparalleled guidance in the art market.

Sarah Fischel

Co-Chairman, Advisory

+1 (307) 200-6090

Sarah has a deep passion for both art and history having grown up surrounded by art. Propelling that early love into over a decade of experience in the art world, she has navigated galleries, auction houses, and museums.

A firm believer in learning and experiencing every aspect of a business, Sarah has worked across the art world in various roles, bringing a holistic approach to the advisory and her work. Since 2015, Sarah has been a key player at Heather James Fine Art, where she has provided top-tier client service, managed the Jackson Hole gallery, curated gallery exhibitions and collectors’ homes, and spearheaded strategic promotional initiatives.

Earning degrees in journalism and art history from New York University, Sarah continued her academic foundation with a master’s degree from Christie’s Art, Law, and Business program in London. Beyond her professional and educational pursuits, Sarah is actively involved with causes close to her, including Jackson Hole Public Art as a board member and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

As Co-Chairman, Sarah brings her personal experiences and knowledge of art and collecting to every interaction, always seeking out the best solution for her clients’ needs.

Chip Tom

Chip Tom

Senior Curator and Director of Museum Relations

+1 (310) 995-4341

Chip has an unparalleled record of curatorial expertise working with museums, private collectors, corporate clients, and more. Boasting a remarkable 40-year career, he has curated over 100 acclaimed art and design exhibitions globally.

Standing as a distinguished figure in the art world, Chip is the Senior Curator and Director of Museum Relations for Heather James Fine Art, working closely with gallery and advisory clients. Chip’s curatorial prowess is underscored by his work for the 11th Cairo Biennale in 2008, The Other Side: Chinese and Mexican Immigration to America, Wynn – Garden of Earthly Delights at the Macao Biennale in 2019 and most recently, in 2023, Figurative Masters of the Americas at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, Palm Beach, FL. Chip’s unique talents extend to collections large and small, as he leverages his skills to assist corporations in acquiring art and strategically placing it to tell compelling stories. Noteworthy projects include curating art at the W Hotel in Washington DC, Veer Towers Business Center in Las Vegas, and the worldwide offices at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher.

Armed with a BA from Yale University, Chip continues to drive artistic discourse forward, creating immersive experiences and contributing significantly to the cultural landscape. As Senior Curator and Director of Museum Relations, his passion and expertise are driving forces behind the continued success of Heather James Fine Art.

Bespoke services
tailored to your needs.

Connoisseurship and Education

Heather James Art Advisory specializes in working with new and seasoned clients, offering comprehensive advice and services to develop and enhance collections.

Curation and Design

Drawing on curatorial and collections management experience, our advisors bring expertise to each artwork and installation, shaping collections with your goals in mind.

Logistics and Installation

Taking a holistic approach to handling, transporting, storing, and installing artworks, our team ensures fastidious care of artworks at every stage.

Authentication and Documentation

Maintaining the highest standards, we ensure meticulous due diligence in authentication, adhering to the strictest guidelines.

Sales and Acquisitions

Focused on sourcing artworks, we navigate private sales, auction houses, and artist commissions while continuously monitoring the art market for our clients.

Valuation and Collection Management

Evaluating and appraising art collections, we provide in-depth research for insurance valuation, acquisition, and deaccession, as well as organizing and managing collections.

Finance and Investment

Extending beyond traditional art services, we assist in all manner of financial services, including asset-backed lending, acquisitions for trusts, estate planning, and more.

Museum Loans

Facilitating seamless museum loans and relationships, we strategically place artworks, amplifying both cultural impact and an artwork’s prestige for our discerning clients.


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Stewards of your artistic vision.

We believe that every art collector is unique, and thus, every art collection is an expression of individual passion and identity. Built on Heather James' nearly 30 years in business, our team of experienced art advisors takes time getting to know each client, forging trusted partnerships. We are stewards of your artistic vision, working tirelessly to understand you, your tastes, distinct needs, and goals.

We value meaningful relationships and transparency over transactions. We commit to the highest fiduciary standards and put you, your collection, and your goals above all. We are dedicated to providing our clients with unparalleled service that suit their individual needs. Our mission is to foster enduring partnerships based on trust, expertise, and a shared passion for art.

Working closely with Heather James Fine Art and our worldwide consultancies, Heather James Art Advisory leverages years of experience to expertly navigate the intricacies of art collections globally. We are well versed in working with clients and collections spread across multiple homes, and we are adept at organizing and managing collections of any size spread near and far.

Our international team of consultants brings a diverse range of expertise, ensuring a nuanced understanding of global art markets. Heather James Art Advisory’s commitment to top-tier services knows no bounds—we tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of every collection, regardless of location, ensuring unparalleled dedication and expertise no matter the scale.

At Heather James Art Advisory, our passion for art is the heartbeat of our business. Each of our advisors was drawn to this industry by an innate love for the creative process, the stories and histories behind each work, and the transformative power of art in our lives.

Our shared dedication to this passion is the driving force behind everything we do. We utilize our knowledge, expertise, and devotion ensuring that every advisory experience is infused with genuine enthusiasm and a profound understanding of our clients and their needs.

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