Cantilever197334 1/4 x 60 1/4 x 14 3/4 in.(87 x 153.04 x 37.47 cm) sheet metal, wire and paint
Perls Galleries, New York
Private Collection, 1974
By the 1970s, when "Cantilever" was created, Alexander Calder was at the height of artistic prowess. He created this piece with an informed eye, having been working for the better part of the century on identifying and expounding upon his unique creative vision. One of the most instantly recognizable artists of his time, Calder was referred to as an "Engineer of Beauty" by his close friend and neighbor Robert Osborn. "Cantilever" is a bold experiment in balance, form, and color in the third dimension.

The work was exhibited at the Perls Gallery, Calder's primary dealer. Since that time, the work has remained in the same private collection. It is registered in the archives of the Calder Foundation, New York, under application number A08148.

It was also in 1973 that Alexander Calder completed the Monumental sculpture in Chicago, "Flamingo."