Tom Venditti


Tom Venditti is a seasoned consultant bringing his experience as an independent art advisor and former Senior Director of Art Collections for Paul Allen, whose collection set records when it sold at Christie’s in 2022.

Building and managing numerous collections, Tom has been instrumental in guiding prominent art collectors throughout their journeys. Prior to his time as a New York-based independent art advisor, Tom spent 14-years with Vulcan Inc. in Seattle, WA, where he played a pivotal role in advising on acquisitions and deaccessions for the Paul Allen Family art collection. Tom’s impact is evident through his established strategic planning and procedural standards for collections management across multiple properties. He has brought this expertise to Heather James’ clients since 2019.

Tom’s dedication shines through his advisory work for private collectors and his contribution to public art installations, exemplifying his commitment to the diverse facets of the art world. As Co-Chairman, Tom brings a wealth of experience, a commitment to service, and a unique blend of skills that resonates with clients seeking unparalleled guidance in the art market.

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