• montecito-install1-7-2020
    Abstract Expressionism installation at Heather James Montecito
  • montecito-install2-7-2020
    Abstract Expressionism installation at Heather James Montecito
  • montecito-install3-7-2020
    Abstract Expressionism installation at Heather James Montecito



Heather James Fine Art Montecito presents an exhibition by some of the most prominent Abstract Expressionists. Emerging from the destruction of World War II, the loosely associated movement worked through the trauma of the past and the anxiety of a new present.

Its advocates dived into the emotional or psychological effect of painting through spontaneous brushstrokes or mark-making. They believed in the supremacy of the artist. Many would allow their subconscious to drive their creation. It is for this reason that the movement was often associated with a heroic masculinity.

That being said, women were a central component of the movement, influencing and leading it. The exhibition features work by some of the most important women of the movement including Perle Fine, Judith Godwin, Charlotte Park, and Michael Corinne West.

The exhibition looks at the sublime visions captured by these artists in an effort to articulate pure expression. There is the energetic gestural abstraction of Norman Bluhm, and there is West who sought to understand a national tragedy. Other artists like Robert Natkin or Jack Roth contributed to the softer and more ambient Color Field. This varied array of art and artists creates a unique glimpse into the sublime

Abstract Expressionism: Visions of the Sublime

August 11, 2020 - January 31, 2021
Montecito, CA