Luc Bernard: Unconventional Borders

May 3 - May 31, 2019
Palm Desert, CA


Heather James Fine Art is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Luc Bernard. A Canadian artist who now calls the Coachella Valley home, Bernard’s most recent works show the evolving influence of the intense desert light and landscape. When previously working in Los Angeles, Luc explored the effects and consequences of living in such a densely populated urban environment. He soon realized that this would become a theme in his body of work.

A color field artist, Luc explores his ideas while embracing minimal composition. With many layers of thinly applied coats, his backgrounds are deep and complicated, continually exposing the various underlying colors. Shapes and lines are superimposed creating tension and movement. The viewer is left wondering how one’s mood can be altered or how one’s eye can be tricked by simply altering lines and perception within the composition. His paintings bring simplicity in context, richness in color and contrast. There is an ephemeral moment captured, on the cusp of the next observation, simplified in abstraction.