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Montecito Grand Opening

September 21 - November 30, 2019
Montecito, CA


Our newest gallery has welcomed many visitors since opening its doors in March 2019, and we are excited to celebrate this new space with our clients and friends. Our Grand Opening Exhibition presents masterworks of art history from Impressionism to contemporary sculpture, including works by Claude Monet, Edward Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Tom Wesselmann, Alexander Calder, and many more.

Greeting visitors through our front window is an iconic piece by Robert Indiana. Bright and bold, his “LOVE” sculpture speaks to viewers through shared cultural touchstones and word associations. It is one of the most widely recognized emblems of Pop art. Indiana created over 50 variations of this sculpture that populate public spaces worldwide, and this piece in brilliant red and gold is now on view at Heather James Fine Art. Other sculptures on view in Montecito include works by William Kentridge and George Condo.

Another highlight includes an 1872 oil painting by Claude Monet. In “Le Mont Riboudet à Rouen au Printemps,” Monet has captured the spring countryside outside of Rouen. His careful brushstrokes of the fields and houses contrast with the muted tones of the soft sky, all in an effort to capture the changing light of a rural spring. This painting was acquired by dealer Paul Durand-Ruel, who supported and championed the Impressionists, and it was subsequently bought by fellow Impressionist, Gustave Caillebotte. Additional works from our Impressionist and Modern collection on view in Montecito include paintings by Auguste Herbin and Salvador Dali.