Morgan Stanley ART RESOURCES TEAM – Art Market Research


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s Art Resources Team (ART) presents valuable insights for private collectors. This report covers the relevance of art for ultra-high net worth with a view of the global art market, average asset allocation, and art as an asset class. Also included here is crucial information on the importance of strategic long-term planning for art owners and information on establishing a governance system and a well-thought out philanthropic plan. You will also find notes on art advisory, detailing the complex facets of art collecting that a consultancy can help to demystify, including assistance with collection management, buying and selling decisions, and valuation. Finally, the report includes data on tailored lending and the strong interest in art-secured lending among collectors, as well as a list of additional resources you might find useful. Please reach out to us with any questions on these materials. It would be our pleasure to share our insights and experience to help you navigate the art market.