Anish Kapoor – Blood Cinema


Anish Kapoor, one of Great Britain’s most important and influential sculptors, has created monumental installations around the world, including Cloud Gate at Chicago’s Millenium Park, and Dirty Corner in the Gardens of Versailles. His work typically manifests in simple curved forms, usually monochromatic and richly colored, to draw the viewer through extraordinary scale and surface.

Standing in front of one of Kapoor’s sculptures can be a sublime experience. Blood Cinema, a sculpture created in 2000, is nearly six-and-half feet in diameter. It is composed of acrylic and steel and rests on the floor like an oversized lens.

One’s reflection does not appear as it would in a mirror; instead, the viewer’s perspective is warped and distorted through ethereal shades of red. The sculpture’s internal convex shape results in different visual effects when it is viewed from either side.

Blood Cinema explores space, structure, and perception, and touches on a variety of metaphysical polarities, such as presence and absence, inward and outward, visible and invisible, light and dark. It is the viewer’s presence which activates these relationships, creating an individualistic experience that could not exist without the viewer’s participation.