Anish Kapoor – Untitled

Turner Prize winner Anish Kapoor returns to a familiar concept for this sculpture – a concave dish with a highly reflective surface. Kapoor, one of Great Britain’s most important and influential sculptors, has created monumental installations around the world, including Cloud Gate in Chicago’s Millennium Park, and Dirty Corner, installed in the gardens of Versailles.

His work typically manifests in simple, curved forms, usually monochromatic and richly colored to draw the viewer through extraordinary scale and surface. He explores space, structure, and perception and touches a variety of metaphysical polarities, such as presence and absence, inward and outward, visible and invisible, light and dark. The viewer’s presence activates these relationships.

At 49 inches in diameter, this concave dish has a powerful presence, both physically and psychologically. From afar, the reflection it produces distorts everything in front and to the sides of it to create a sense of limitlessness and discovery.

Up close, the surface appears to switch from concave to convex, which creates an unsettling tension as it challenges the viewer’s perception of the artwork. This artwork creates a multisensory experience that wholly engages the viewer.