Fernando Botero – Still Life

Fernando Botero is most well-known for his large-scale paintings and sculptures of notably full-figured people and animals. He uses his rotund figures to depict daily life in his home country of Colombia, and also to make political and social statements. Though he currently lives and works in Paris, Botero has titled himself “the most Colombian of Colombian artists,” and has achieved both national and international renown for his works. Many of his large-scale bronze sculptures are on public display all over the world.

This oil painting, aptly titled Still Life, is huge in scale, keeping with Botero’s love of the large and round. He depicts oranges and other citrus fruits scattered across a pink tablecloth, some cut in half or in wedges, with the knife lying idly to one side. Four silvery metal objects occupy the rest of the painting, among them a juicer and a pitcher from which to pour the juice. Though the objects themselves cannot be considered “full-figured” like Botero’s usual subjects, they manage to convey a sense of roundness anyway. The knife, for example, doesn’t seem to have a sharp edge, and the lines of every pot and jug appear voluptuous and full, creating an unmistakable Botero style within even inanimate objects.