Marc Chagall – La Famille

Marc Chagall was an early Modernist, who viewed art as his own personal venue for expression. He participated in the Paris Montparnasse art movement and befriended artists such as Fernand Leger and Robert Delaunay, while he experimented with Cubism alongside Picasso, and Fauvism alongside Matisse. His strong colors became characteristic of his works, and his fantastical symbolism and supernatural figures are believed to have been influential to the Surrealists.

The present work is titled La Famille. Chagall depicts a woman sitting in the outdoors during Autumn, holding her young child to her breast. The father smiles down at them both, his arm wrapped around the mother of his child. The colors are warm and earthy, dominated by the red leaves that have fallen from the tree in the background. The scene displays Chagall’s classic dream-like quality, with a house sitting precariously atop the tree while a chicken soars in the air behind the family.