Peter Bradley art brochure

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Peter Bradley Starmaker I art brochure.

“This painting was done during a year that I also curated and showed in a show which I refer to as Hard Art, The Deluxe Show in Houston Texas. Darby English, an accomplished art historian, in his book published this year, 2017, “1971, A Year in the Life of Color”, now many years later, has uncovered as one of the very most important shows that is totally ignored up till recently. I won’t go further into the effect the show made or the how and whys of it, but it was a moment in history that now has acknowledgement and I cannot thank Darby enough.

You see when I paint, I paint color in the form of abstractions. I have always said “Color supersedes subject matter”. Stargazer, and all my work continues to be just that. I apply color in many ways, spraying the canvas is what I did in Stargazer. But I have been known to throw, drip and add texture and height to canvas as well. The result is how whomever views it, no tricks just an emotional click, I guess.

Stargazer, is a work that speaks to the stars, the planets and beyond. I am very curious about space and the fact that we are just a small part of a bigger thing, the universe. I paint what I see, it can be unknown to most, but it is how I choose to view it.”

Peter Bradley