Revolutions in Modern Art


In Revolutions in Modern Art, we hope to shed light on how Modern art’s greatest names have changed the course of art history. This story also helps to explain the high prices these works can achieve. Indeed, in the over 25 years that Heather James has been in business, many questions we receive revolve around why certain artworks are valued more than others. As we hope you will learn, value is inextricably tied to these artists’ significance within art history – and the revolutions they led.

This catalog centers on later innovators: the artists who revolutionized Modern art. Some of the pieces included have sold for great sums, tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Are these prices justified? Such questions often revolve around two of the giants of art history, Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso.

In the following pages, we will present five revolutions in the history of Modern art. Each revolution represents ideas and techniques that were truly groundbreaking in their time and crucial in the development of art up to today.