Arnaldo Pomodoro


Italian-born sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro uses his knowledge as a former architect and goldsmith to create the bronze, geometric sculptures for which he is best known. He begins with streamlined, classic lines, and then dissects the shapes, adding new ones within the original. He creates depth and wonder within the familiarity of geometry. These sculptures come in all sizes, but his crowning achievements are his large, freestanding commissioned works, which are installed in public and outdoor places. These include multiple renditions of his Sphere within a Sphere, as well as large discs, pyramids, cubes, and columns, which are variously located in Belvedere Fortress in Florence, the United Nations Plaza in New York, Amaliehaven park in Copenhagen, and the Palais-Royale in Paris, to name just a few. A quartet of sculptures jointly titled Forma del Mito stand outside Brisbane City Hall.

This sculpture, like many of his works, has jagged protrusions and deep gouges, which give the piece a sense of motion, or transition—as if it were frozen in midst of shifting into another form entirely. It consists of two discs that appear to be skewered together by other discs and jagged shapes, which protrude from either side. The piece has been in a private collection since its creation in the early 1990s and other versions of the same work were exhibited in Europe and in Milan, where Pomodoro currently lives and works.