CHIYU UEMAE (b. 1920)

CHIYU UEMAE Chiyu Uemae’s career began with his involvement in the Gutai Group, which was founded by his hard-won mentor Jiro Yoshihara; Uemae, unlike many of his Gutai peers, is not known for using action as the basis of his mixed-media works. Prior to joining the Gutai, Uemae had studied Nan Ga—the southern school of Chinese painting—and western movements, but believes his most formative experience was an apprenticeship in Kyozome, or the Kyoto style of dyeing. Because of this training, as well as a childhood immersed in non-figurative design, the practice of sewing became paramount to Uemae’s mature style. His mixed-media paintings sometimes feature textile elements, but are characteristically identified by his careful compositions comprised of fine dots or patterns. He remains active in his 90s, still producing etchings and silkscreens.


oil on panel
31 3/8 x 19 3/4 in.
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