Jackson Hole Gallery – Art Catalog

Selection of our finest art on view at our Jackson Hole gallery

Dorothy Hood

Catalog featuring art by Dorothy Hood

Art of the American West

This collection encompasses a range of styles, subjects, and periods, from Realism and Impressionism to abstraction, historical scenes to modern day.

Andy Warhol – Art Selections

Catalog featuring a selection of art by Andy Warhol including prints, drawings, and polaroids among other media

Andy Warhol – Polaroids

Catalog featuring a selection of Polaroids by Andy Warhol

Top Art Selections

Explore blue-chip artworks from our collection, representing an array of genres, periods, and styles.

Art Investment Opportunities

Heather James Fine Art presents a specially curated selection of art available for immediate sale

Revolutions in Modern Art

In Revolutions in Modern Art, we hope to shed light on how Modern art’s greatest names have changed the course of art history.

Sculpture 2020

Sculpture 2020 presents an array of works from our sculpture collection, including iconic pieces such as Henry Moore’s reclining figure, Louise Nevelson’s wooden assemblage, and standing mobiles by Alexander

Tseng Kwong Chi: Photography

Selected Photographs from the 1980s by Tseng Kwong Chi.

Artsy Auction – Modern and Contemporary Prints

Heather James Fine Art + Artsy present Heather James Fine Art: Modern & Contemporary Prints, featuring works by artists including Josef Albers, Lynda Benglis, Louise Nevelson, Donald Sultan, and

Realism in America

Describing his realist paintings, Estes once said, “They have the emotion of the subject.” During these times, we hope you enjoy the meditative and quiet strength of the city.