Dorothy Hood


Born in 1918 in Bryan, Texas, and raised in Houston, Dorothy Hood charted an unconventional path in the art world. Her canvases became portals to realms both fantastical and elusive. She explored the vastness and the void of space, peered into the world of microbiology, flirted with various cosmologies, continually searching for spiritual sustenance. The range of her imagery, mastery of spatial illusionism, and bold use of color are confident transmissions of a painter in full command of their technique. She deftly introduces intricate passages, sharp delineations, and mosaic-like patterns that offer a pitch-perfect synthesis of intuitive processes and precise articulation. Hood’s paintings reflect a lifetime of relentless invention and discovery; confronting these works, ranging from six to ten feet in height is to feel oneself at the dawn of the universe or the end of the world.