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Peter Halley

Brightly colored geometric paintings by Peter Halley address the rigid organization of social space through visual representations of cells and conduits. Eulogy, a 2004 piece at a grand scale, presents the

Ed Ruscha, The End

Ed Ruscha's glass hologram set: The End, 1998-2014, 11 x 14 inv# 27904
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Finest Art Selections

Explore blue-chip artworks from our collection, representing an array of genres, periods, and styles.

Anselm Kiefer – Jericho

This specific tower imagery is drawn from Kiefer’s The Seven Heavenly Palaces, a large-scale installation first conceived at his sprawling studio at Barjac in the South of France.
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Exhibition Tours

Andy Warhol Polaroids 3D Virtual Gallery

Andy Warhol has become inextricably tied to American art. His ability to capture the values of American society filtered through a glamorous lens have captured our imagination.

Montecito 3D Virtual Gallery – August 2020

August 2020 - Take a virtual tour of our latest installation in our Montecito gallery, located in the intimate community of Montecito, California, just outside of Santa Barbara.
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Andy Warhol – Polaroids

Educational video discussion about Andy Warhol with Christopher Huynh, Exhibitions Assistant at Heather James Fine Art
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