Heather James Fine Art provides a wide range of client-based services catered to your specific art collecting needs. Our Operations team includes professional art handlers, a full registrar department and logistical team with extensive experience in art transportation, installation, and collection management. With white glove service and personalized care, our team goes the extra mile to ensure exceptional art services for our clients.

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Art trusts

Full documentation of the artwork or collection with digital records, photography, and condition reports for Fair Market Value estate planning.

Facilitation of appraisals for insurance purposes and estate tax filing needs.

Museum gifting

Interfacing with museums to facilitate donations, including assistance navigating the necessary tax documents and legal forms.

Obtaining appraisal documents for donation purposes.


Collection documentation

Cataloguing your collection with detailed inventory documentation including photography, condition reports, and certificates of insurance organized and maintained in our digital records.

Installation and security
  • Full-service installation for all art types and sizes.
  • Wall-to-wall art handling services: installation and de-installation; custom packing for transport or storage; specialized installation for earthquake mitigation and theft mitigation; consultation on security systems.
  • Home curation: in-house installers and in-house curators to help place and design the collection; advising on lighting and custom display systems such as pedestals and vitrines.
  • Facilitation of conservation, restoration, and preservation.
Strategic loans to museums globally

In-house registrar department to oversee logistical planning, necessary paperwork, and documentation for museum loans.




Interface with auction houses, dealers and private clients

Logistical coordination with auction houses, including packing, pick-up, transport, and installation.

Relationships with dealers and private clients for sourcing artwork.

Assessing artwork condition and quality for purchase consideration; assistance obtaining certificates of authentication from artist foundations or expert scholars.


Location tracking for all your works.

Custom packing to ensure your artwork arrives to it’s new location in the same condition it departed.

Multiple delivery options to suit your needs.

Climatized storage and transportation: secure storage on-site or at external facilities; coordination with trusted partners and fine art shipping companies.

White glove handling to ensure the safety of the artwork at every step of transportation by air, ground, or sea, from crating and packing to unpacking and installation.

Personalized solutions for multimodal art shipping nationally and internationally.



Updated appraisals and real-time market updates
  • Longstanding partnerships with appraisers for efficient and thorough documentation.
  • Access to market research tools for valuation, including market price index graphs and auction comparables.
  • Complete documentation of artwork information, including provenance, exhibition history, and literature references.
Insurance advisory

Certificates of insurance and appraisals for insurance purposes


We partner with you to assess your collecting goals and potential investment opportunities, and present artworks based on prospective returns and your personal taste.

  • Backed by decades of experience, our expert art consultants and research team employ art market tools, sales history, art indices and much more to inform financially minded opportunities for our clients.
  • Founder and Owner Jim Carona worked for decades in finance, employing that experience when he and Heather Sacre opened the gallery in 1996. Jim continues to utilize his expertise in the art market and financial sector to help clients make investment minded decisions. 
  • Heather James Fine Art has been in business for over 25 years with galleries or consultancies in New York, London, Basel, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Jackson Hole, Palm Desert, Montecito, Newport Beach, and Palm Beach. As we have dealt with important artworks spanning a wide cross-section of genres and time periods, we have been fortunate to place works with some of the world’s top collectors. Always aiming to be a resource in art decisions, it is our pleasure to help our clients navigate the art market and the investment potential of art as an asset.

Heather James Fine Art is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor. All investment and financial opinions expressed by Heather James Fine Art are opinion based on personal research. Past performance is not a guarantee of future return, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance.



Re-framing, re-glazing, and advising on lighting and display.

Conservation and restoration

Facilitating conservation and restoration treatments from beginning to end, through communication with conservators, treatment proposals, secure transport, and treatment documentation.

Lending for purchases and liquidity

Assisting with loans for acquisition or against existing owned art.

Home staging

Consultation visits, artwork selection for key walls and spaces, and installation.

Exchange and installation of artwork that may sell while on display as all works provided for staging remain active gallery inventory.

Negotiations with home buyer who also seeks to purchase the artwork on display.



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GEORGIA O'KEEFFE - Cottonwood Tree (Near Abiquiu), New Mexico - oil on canvas - 36 x 30 in.


DIEGO RIVERA - Portrait of Enriqueta G. Dávila - oil on canvas - 79 1/8 x 48 3/8 in.


Andrew Wyeth & N. C. Wyeth - Puritan Cod Fishers - oil on canvas - 108 1/2 x 157 1/2 in.

Andrew Wyeth & N. C. Wyeth

WAYNE THIEBAUD - The Riverhouse - oil on canvas - 18 x 35 3/4 in.


ALFRED SISLEY - L'Église de Moret, le Soir - oil canvas - 31 1/4 x 39 1/2 in.


EMIL NOLDE - Sonnenblumen, Abend II - oil on canvas - 26 1/2 x 35 3/8 in.


ALEXANDER CALDER - The Cross - oil on canvas - 28 3/4 x 36 1/4 in.


N.C. WYETH - Summer. "Hush" - oil on canvas - 33 3/4 x 30 1/4 in.


SEAN SCULLY - Grey Red - oil on aluminum - 85 x 75 in.


TOM WESSELMANN - Bedroom Brunette with Irises - oil on cut-out aluminum - 105 3/4 x 164 5/8 in.


MARC CHAGALL - Les mariés sous le baldaquin - oil and gouache on canvas - 23 1/2 x 31 7/8 in.


ANISH KAPOOR - Halo - stainless steel - 120 x 120 x 27 in.


MARSDEN HARTLEY - Bach Preludes et Fugues No. 1 (Musical Theme) - oil on canvas laid down on board - 28 1/2 x 21 in.


Initially used as a frontispiece illustration for the 1914 novel, “The Witch,” by Mary Johnston, Wyeth’s painting presents a poignant scene of friendship and understanding between a grieving, independent woman and a generous, misunderstood doctor. Although the two hardly know each other, they have a shared understanding of and reverence for what is good. While the rest of the town searches for the devil in all things, these two choose kindness and light. Here, they take a moment to appreciate the lives they have led and the good they have done. Wyeth’s illustration depicts hope and expectation of good despite the perils and sorrows of human life.
<br>In addition to illustrating more than 100 books, including adventure classics like Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe, and The Last of the Mohicans, Wyeth was also a highly regarded muralist, receiving numerous commissions for prestigious corporate and government buildings throughout the United States. Wyeth’s style, honed by early work at the Saturday Evening Post and Scribner’s, demonstrates his keen awareness of the revealing gesture, allowing readers to instantly grasp the essence of a scene.


ADOLPH GOTTLIEB - Azimuth - oil on canvas - 95 3/4 x 144 1/4 in.


FRANK STELLA - The Musket - mixed media on aluminum - 74 1/2 x 77 1/2 x 33 in.


SALOMON VAN RUYSDAEL - A Dune Landscape with Figures Resting and a Couple on Horseback, a View of Nijmegen Cathedral Beyond - oil on canvas - 26 1/2 x 41 1/2 in.


JAN JOSEPHSZOON VAN GOYEN - River Landscape with a Windmill and Chapel - oil on panel - 22 1/2 x 31 3/4 in.


JOAN MIRO - L'Oiseau - bronze and cinderblock - 23 7/8 x 20 x 16 1/8 in.