DAVID MORRIS (b. 1945)

DAVID MORRIS David Morris — who has been working in New York since 1985 — left his mark on his native Portland in the form of a public sculpture, his an improbably balanced geometric construction at the Crown Plaza downtown. He was an architectural designer in the 1970s before a 10-year teaching career at University of Illinois, New York University, Pratt University, and School of Visual Arts in New York. His mathematics and engineering prowess manifest in large-scale constructivist sculpture that often resemble building structures with steps and dramatic angles and shadows. He’s especially interested in movement, as visitors to Palm Springs can see in the kinetic Rainmaker water sculpture at Frances Stevens Park. “I am fascinated by flows: flows of water over various materials — steel, stone, concrete — and the flow of numbers: movements of many things that produce shapes and forms as though determined by the emotions that weave through our lives,” he offers in his artist statement.


stainless steel, steel base
132 x 36 x 48 in.
Artist Inquire