EDGAR SERRANO (1861-1912)

EDGAR SERRANO Si no hay un hombro donde apoyarse, apóyate en tu hombro.
- Juan Ramirez Ruiz

How can art, a medium of form and meaning, reflect a world that is blessed with neither? Images with no handhold, images freighted with all the orphan hood in the world, fragments, and fragments.  This is art corrupted, but its corruption is its salvation, because a picture, all signal and no noise, would not be a true work of art.

By locating and redirecting images of certain pre-established historical and political presence, the work often seeks to complicate traditional boundaries between cultural archetypes/stereotypes. The cohesion between all of my work is the attempt to find stability by crafting a relationship to the historical and authoritative myth, that is to say a reinterpretation of modern art by using the methods of cultural abstraction.

Identity thus flips from the idealistic tower of intellectual elite to the fiery passion of the populist mob, and then back again. Engaged with both the global history of the high modernist and the use of both traditional media and found crude material, from which emerges a new hybrid position. It is beyond a simple collapsing of high and low traditions but a mutated and rich amalgamation of fragments, a landscape of revision and readjustment as a means of introducing new iconographic possibilities.

The work is meant to lure the viewer with the promise of semblance of truth, a witty visual statement on our current situation, or at the very least, aesthetic fulfillment. But untimely -- when engaged -- the viewer is left facing an opacity that cannot be decoded. A trap initially shuts down the viewer. Left with a potency that cannot be ignored, viewers must confront their own position and experiences in a new light.

2010 MFA, Yale School of Art, New Haven, CT
2007 BFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Selected Exhibitions
2010 "USA At Bezalel", Bezalel Academy, Tel-Aviv, Israel.
         "I’ll Let You Be In My Dreams If I Can Be In Yours", Fredericks & Freiser, NY, NY.
         "MFA Thesis Show", Yale University, New Haven, CT.
2009 "20 Years",  Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York, NY.
         "A Proposito: Pan Latino Dialogues", New Haven, CT.
2008 "1st Year Graduate Exhibition", Yale University, New Haven, CT.
2007 "The BFA Sho", Gallery 2, Chicago, IL.
2006 "The Small Painting Show", Wichita State University, Wichita, KS.
2005 "Drunk vs. Stoned", Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York, NY.
         "The Stray Show", Art Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Honors and Awards
2010 Doonesbury Scholarship
2009 Schoelkopf Travel Grant, Yale University
2007 SAIC BFA Visiting Artist Fellowship Award
2006 Union League Civic & Arts Foundation Visual Art Scholarship
2004-07 SAIC Presidential Merit Scholarship

Scatological Scene
acrylic and watercolor on linen
72 x 96 in.
Artist Inquire