GUY ROSE (1867-1925)

GUY ROSE Guy Rose was born in San Gabriel, California, and was one of the premier early California Impressionist painters.  He graduated from Los Angeles High School and studied with Virgil Williams and Emil Carlsen at the California School of Design in San Francisco.  He later studied in Paris, where he enrolled at the Académie Julian and became the first Californian to win an honorable mention at the Paris Salon.  

Rose suffered a bout of lead poising that kept him away from oil painting for several years, and he moved to New York to become an illustrator and teach at the Pratt Institute.  He returned to France and bought a cottage at Giverny, where Claude Monet was a friend, mentor and great influence.  Throughout Rose’s journey, the sensibilities of the French Impressionists prevailed in his signature style, including a classic fishhook brushstroke.  Rose moved to Pasadena in 1914 and painted mostly in Southern California until 1918, when he began spending summers on the Monterey Peninsula.


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