KATHARINA GROSSE Katharina Grosse (b. 1961 Feiburg/Breiagau, Germany) has become internationally known for her immersive in situ paintings, shown recently at the Wunderbild at the National Gallery in Prague and Gagosian London. The paintings have an explosive and multidimensional character, incorporating graffiti-like techniques with a focus on color relationships.

Grosse’s early canvases reflected an interest in the way light interacted with color, playing with the temperature, texture, saturation, and painterly application of color. Grosse later pioneered the use of spray guns as a painting tool, using it to create cloud like misty forms unique to her work. Using the spray gun, Grosse began to paint directly on the wall, creating immersive paintings drawn directly on everyday architectural interiors. Altogether, Grosse’s work draws no distinction between sculpture, architecture, and painting. In addition to traditional works on canvas and her larger scale installations, Grosse also paints on found materials, trees, and cast sculptures.

Major exhibitions of Grosse’s work have appeared at Public Art Fund (2013); Nasher Sculpture Center (2013); De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, Netherlands (2013); MOCA Cleveland (2012); Mass MoCA (2010); Arken—Museum for Moderne Kunst, Copenhagen (2009); Prospect New Orleans (2008); Renaissance Society (2007); De Appel, Amsterdam (2006); Contemporary Art Center, Cincinnati (2006); Taipei Biennial (2006); Bergen Kunsthall (2005); Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall (2004); Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (2004); São Paulo Bienal (2002); and the Hammer Museum (2001), among others. Katharina Grosse lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


acrylic on canvas
118 x 78 3/4 in.
Artist Inquire