LINO TAGLIAPIETRA One of the world’s most eminent living glass artists, Lino Tagliapietra was born in1934 on the island of the centuries-old center for Venetian glassmaking, Murano. At the age of eleven, he was apprenticed to the glass studio of the internationally known Muranese master, Archimede Seguso, and achieved the rank of maestro by age twenty-one. He later worked as master glassblower and designer at other glass studios, including Galliano Ferro, Venini, La Murrina, and Effetre International.
In the sixties, Tagliapietra began to develop his design skills by implementing his own concepts as well as those of others. In the seventies, he was deeply influenced by his participation in La Scuola Internazionale del Vetro symposiums held in Murano. These gatherings brought the finest Muranese masters together with artists from various disciplines all over the world. In the eighties, he became increasingly recognized for his collaboration with other artists and for the translation of their concepts into molten glass. Perhaps the most profound impact on his work came from his collaboration with the distinguished Dutch glass designer A.D. Copier. Copier changed his view of glass as a medium for art. In the mid-eighties, he made the transition from the traditional Venetian master glassblower and glass designer to that of independent studio artist. He was finally free to devote his attention to focus on his own artistic expression and unique works. The last decade has become an immensely creative period for him. For many years, while working within the old tradition where great glass masters execute designs of others, Tagliapietra has also designed and made his own work. In the nineties, he has moved beyond the excellence in execution, and has since exclusively designed and made his own work, with continuous bursts of creative inspiration.

13 x 11 x 3 in.
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