MELVIN MARTINEZ Born in San Juan Puerto Rico, Martínez studied art at the San Juan Arts School,
where he received a BFA in 2005. This young and prolific artist, winner of the 2005
Castellon Painting Prize in Spain, has shown his works in many of the most
prestigious museums in Spain and is part of many important collections in the
United States, Europe and Latin America.

Using materials more common in decorative crafts, Martínez captures the
distinctive celebratory elements of the Caribbean region where he lives; evoking a
sense of joy, festivity and pleasure in those who view the paintings. In About
Excess, a large and colorful painting made with both oil and acrylic, adorned with
glitter, confetti and other decorative ornaments, Martínez astonishes the spectator
with a combination of scale, rich textures, and vibrant colors.

In a review of Martínez’s New York show, Fresh Paint, Martha Schwendener of the
New York Times states, “There is something kind of great about Mr. Martínez’s
flagrant transgressions. And he hardly stands alone in simultaneously embracing
and defying formalist strictures. His palette at time conjures Joan Mitchell; at other
moments, Peter Halley,…”

mixed media on paper
14 x 18 in.
Artist Inquire