RACHEL WHITEREAD Rachel Whiteread is a London-based artist primarily known for her sculptures. She makes casts of large objects, filling the negative space with concrete, cement, or resin, and then chips away the outside to reveal the piece. She became the first woman to receive the Turner Prize for her large-scale sculpture House (1993), in which she made a cast of a condemned London flat. She was also tasked with creating the Holocaust Memorial in Vienna, titled Nameless Library (2000), which consists of casts of books with the spines turned inward so that the titles remain hidden. Though her sculptures have received attention and accolades, she also creates drawings, which she says is like a diary of her work. In her drawings, she also enjoys playing with negative space and patterns, often focusing on a repetitive design of simple objects, such as in her work Untitled (Nets) (2009).


Untitled (Nets)
etched germansilver metal grating
25 1/4 x 20 1/4 in.
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