SEIJU TODA (b. 1948)

Inspired by performance art and by the power of “subtraction” to find absolute
beauty, Seiju Toda created a series of thirty-three compositions called “Heian,” a
term meaning peace and serenity. In a meticulous process that took several years,
Toda both assembled the pieces using plain wood and living creatures - birds, fish,
insects, reptiles - and photographed them with careful consideration for the natural
elements. The result is work of art unto itself; designed by the artist, printed on
beautiful paper, intriguing, amusing, tranquil, pure. Seiju Toda, a leading art
director and graphic designer in Japan, is a recognized artist with more than
twenty solo exhibitions in the U.S. and Japan.

Bathroom, 1 White Carp
photograph and printed off set lithograph
40 1/2 x 57 1/3 in.
photograph and off set print
57 1/3" x 40 1/2"
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