XIAOZE XIE (b. 1966)

XIAOZE XIE Xiaoze Xie is a Chinese American visual artist and professor who lives in Palo Alto, California and is a professor at Stanford University. Xie was born in 1966 in Guangdong, China and received his Bachelor of Architecture from Tsinghua University in 1988, followed by a Masters of Fine Arts from Central Academy of Arts and Design in China and a second Masters of Fine Arts from University of North Texas. Xie has exhibited at venues such as Sonoma State University, South Bend Museum of Art, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and Reed College. Xie's paintings show an obsession with Chinese media and prominently feature newspaper pages and stacks of magazines. Since 2013 he has been creating paintings based on Chinese social media outlets such as Sina Weibo.


June 2001, J.T.
oil on canvas
24 x 36 in.
Artist Inquire