Ruprecht von Kaufmann is a contemporary German artist, who was born and raised in Munich, educated in Los Angeles, worked in New York, and relocated to Berlin in 2003. Von Kaufmann was an avid drawer through his youth, though never considered pursuing art because an art history teacher taught him that figurative painting was definitively dead. He had little interest in abstract or conceptual art, though left Germany to enroll in the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. Once he discovered that there were artists still painting representational art, he was immediately hooked. Since then, he’s maintained his focus on bridging the gap of modernism to fuse old with new.

Von Kaufmann’s art is dynamic, and purposefully so. He has often commented on the life of painting and its ever changing quality due to the ever changing knowledge and personality of the artist. Oftentimes, von Kaufmann’s art will evolve as he draws and paints his idea on the canvas. Other times, the painting will develop a life of its own, and demands him to surrender and follow its guidance. His artwork reflects this level of consideration, as his figurative artwork is just as thought-provoking to the viewer. With solo exhibitions at galleries and museums in Berlin, Du¨sseldorf, Chicago, New York, and LA, among others, and artwork in the collection of the Federal Republic of Germany, Ruprecht von Kaufmann’s body of work is internationally recognized and respected.

oil on panel
58 1/2 x 58 1/2 in. each of 6 panels